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    Oct 6, 2015
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    I was playing with Swapdoodle and got the note from Nikki talking about secret pages, it then talked about how you could make a quiz which gave me an idea. "What if I made daily quiz's?" and so I did.

    Quizswap is a daily game where every week I make a random quiz to send to my Doodle Pals, if you don't know what a Doodle Pal is, it is where you each "follow" each other to become pals!
    How to play
    If you want to play, simply fill in this form and send it here in a post.
    Next once you done i'll let you know when I added you and I sent you a note to add me as Doodle Pal. Then just wait for a quiz, reply to it with your guess and come back to the quiz to see the secret page containing the answer!

    Here is my friend code and my NNID.
    NNID: Jacklack3
    Friend-Code: 0430-9302-4431

    Anyways hope you guys enjoy! :D