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    Hey, guys. This here's a quick guide on how to get YouTube in GoTube 1.2 to WORK. This is a simple guide and anyone can do this in a few minutes. I don't care if this is part of the tutorial competition or not (unless it's gonna win something, then it's DEFINETELY part of the contest [​IMG]). This guide will get YouTube working, but other sites are not covered, as that requires more documentation and most probably just want to get youtube working anyway.

    So, you just got your PSP and you're itching to watch some youtube on it. But what's this? The videos never load! Well, there is a VERY easy way to fix this.


    1. First of all, download GoTube 1.2 if you haven't already:
    High/Slim memory mod

    2. Unzip the contents and copy the RADIOPLAYER folder to the root of your PSP, and the Gotube folder (within GAME in the archive) to the GAME or GAME5XX (5.XX CFW) folder.

    3. Now, here's the part that fixes GoTube. Download the following file: YouTube.js

    4. Go into the "gotube" folder on your PSP. Next, go into the "site" folder. You should see a "YouTube.js" file just like the one you just downloaded. Replace this old one with the one you downloaded. Now, the computer end of using gotube is done.

    5. On your PSP, launch GoTube and connect to the network.

    6. Once it loads, press Select three times until the words Youtube>Favorites>Playlist>Onsens appear at the top bar, repeating.

    7. Press Circle to bring up text entry for a search.

    8. enter what you want to search for and press start.

    9. A list of videos will pop up. Press X when the one you want to see is highlighted.

    10. Congratulations! You are now playing YouTube videos on your PSP! Wasn't that easy? You can use square to bring up the video list again and choose another, or circle (while the list is displayed) to enter a new search.

    And there ya go. GoTube now works. Have fun!

    EDIT: NVM, already done and done better.
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