Quick question: YSmenu and EZflash3in1+ on an r4?

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by denieru7, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Hi guys;

    I was thinking of buying an EZflash 3in1+. It seems like a great product and I like the functionality it adds.

    Now, i use YSmenu on an original r4, and its great; never been happier with my r4.

    Using the newest version of YSmenu (27 March 09: EZ3in1+ NOR), hows the compatibility with the ezflash 3in1+? I've searched around and many people have said that YSmenu is fully compatible with EZflash 3in1+, but my question is; is it native? Is YSmenu itself compatible with EZ3in1+, or is the use of Rudolph's latest GBAexploader needed?

    What i mean by "native" is; if i use the opera browser, will it need any tweaks (ie patches, cheats) to get the RAM expansion to be recognised? Does rumble work in games that have rumble? I know that in YSmenu, if a rumble game is highlighted and an EZ3in1+ is inserted, an option for rumble appears next to DMA, RESET and CHEAT, but does it need any tweaking to get it to recogise? Most importantly, if I put a .gba game onto my SD, put it into my r4, put the EZ3in1+ into slot 2, will I be able to play it straight off the bat in YSmenu? What i mean by that is, will it have specific functions for gba games, which works like EXploader does; ie, does it let users choose between NOR and PSRAM?

    All in all; does it work with EZ3in1+ just like the EZflash V does?

    I found this line on wikitemp:

    "It attempts to patch the browser and GBA games without having to use a separate loader program"

    And that sounds promising =P just wanted to make sure. If so, though, then I'm getting one for sure [​IMG]

    Finally, where do the saves of GBA games go to? Does YSmenu create a .sav on the microSD card?

    Thanks a lot!

    And just as a PS: If you're using YSmenu, make sure to update your infolib.dat with the ones that i do here: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=164807