Quick Question About Softmii And Backup Launcher

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    Feb 24, 2009
    I have SoftMii 2.1 installed on my wii, it was always 3.2U and I had the Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma before I installed SoftMii 2.1 so I only installed from Phase 3 onwards, most games played through the regular disk channel, but a few I had to run through backup launcher and play, some I have to force NTSC.

    Now I just installed the same SoftMii 2.1 for somebody on a virgin Wii, I was about too load the backup launcher and decided to try a few games first, they all load fine in the disc channel. Even the ones that say 'disc could not be read' on my wii, and the games that come up 'MODE NOT SUPPORTED' on my TV are the ones that I have to force NTSC and they load fine in the disc channel.

    I don't want to give him the wii and then realize that he needs the backup launcher for some games, but also I don't want to load the backup launcher in case it messes up how good it's working right now so I will have to load the games through the backup launcher that are currently loading through the disc channel.
    I am just going to give it to him the way it is now and if he runs into any trouble then I will run the backup launcher, that's no big deal, but I would like to know what the differences are between our Wii's.

    If the backup launcher is not needed how can I get my Wii to load all the games for the disk channels?