Quick question about out of region systems.

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    I looked at the region wiki page on the 3DS subreddit, but it didn't answer this one question I had in mind. Soon, I'll be getting a European regular N3DS because I only play Monster Hunter, and it's online and local is region free, and I would MUCH rather go through all that region trouble than to have an XL since I have small hands and would rather have much more portability and the awesome faceplates. I know I will very likely have to start all over on my character since I'm currently playing the digital US version, but I'm only 30 hours in, started as an amateur hunter, so not a big deal. I can catch back up pretty quickly knowing what equipment I have. I can make a new NNID, but will I be able to access the European eShop or even purchase from the U.S.? I can go physical again if I have to. Originally, I would use one of the tutorials to change the region, but it seems that System Transfer still wouldn't work either way, so I'm not going to bother, unless someone figures it out before I buy my N3DS.
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    Well saves aren't region locked (or are they don't see a reason why they should be)
    So you could try to export it and import it in an european game. Or you use regionfour http://smealum.net/regionfour/ Basically you can get around region lock with that (on most games)

    Also i don't think you can acess the US shop with an europenan ID
    (Sorry if i am off topic I hope i was on topic though)