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    May 12, 2010
    Hi guys,
    Just a quicky, i am going to be purchasing a xbox360 for my lad this weekend and wanted to know can new ones still be flashed.If so what is the best guide to be using with the most up to date firmware as i have read laods of different ways and there seems to be so many different files ETC. also can games be played from USB HDD?? Please point me in the right direction

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    OK there are 2 different types of hacks.

    First is the DVD firmware (I Xtreme) which only allows you to play backup discs and if you have a Lite-On or BenQ DVD drive you can use IX LT, which at the moment can play online without getting banned. DVD firmwares can be flashed to any Xbox with any DVD drive available to date.

    The second is the jtag hack. It is extremely rare to find a brand new one that can still be hacked in this fasion and very hard to verify if it is without opening the xbox itself. You need a 360 that was manufactured before Aug of '09 if I'm not mistaken, but first and formost you need a firmware before 8xxx. This hack basically trades xbox live (you will be banned within hours of logging on) for the ability to run unsigned code like emulators and homebrew wich include the ability to launch games from a USB device
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    May 12, 2010
    thanks for speedy reply, i now have somewhere to start thanks a million [​IMG]
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    Just thought I would elaborate on a few things

    The DVD stuff is fine although I will mention all drives from later last year onwards (I forget exact dates but late October 2009 is when they first appeared from repair shops)- anything that is not a liteon can be considered trivial but you will probably not find a new one of them as liteon have been around since mid 2008.
    The liteon has 4 models
    7 series
    8 series v1
    8 series v2
    9 series

    All can be done with the latest cut tracks/lifted pin method but the first two can be done with a simple probe (7 series) or with just a compatible sata card (8 v1).

    JTAG- August 11th was the update that killed if for everybody but prior to that MS had been updating them from the factory so June 16th is the rough date but we usually say go with May if you can. In the unlikely event you find one of these (they are somewhat sought after) you could probably turn them around at a profit to you- there are stores with old stock in.

    You can see dates of manufacture in the little window of the cardboard box the 360 comes in- it is always year-month-day.
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    one question regarding this issue...

    if i buy a xbox360 and use the method by flashing the dvd drive, i can ALWAYS get banned, correct? even if i play with an original game online?


    update: *DUH* there a topic below about this issue sorry all.