Quick Q about ripping PSone games and slus codes and game saves

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    I ripped my NTSC version of FF9 about 6 years ago now? Something like that. Anyway, I have only recently been playing it through.

    I got through disc one no problem, but it keeps crashing at the same spot on disc two. I have tried various pops versions but it doesn't help.

    I can't recall what program I used to rip it at it was so long ago. If I source a rip off the net do I just need to make sure the slus code is the same to make sure my save works? Or is there somewhere I could maybe download a save from somewhere past where I'm at at the moment to see if that helps?

    If I re-rip my own copy would the save still be compatible? Thanks.
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    Yes, yes, and yes? there's only 3 versions of the game, US, EUR and JP and each save(which are really just virtual memory cards and nothing more) are compatible with the games that are the same region. The majority of early FF9 releases were made using a PSX2PSP converter and by default that program sets the games save folder name to be the discs code. However even if you were to download a new release that used a different save folder name you could still copy your old save to the new save folder because it's still the same region, you're playing the same game with the same virtual memory card and that's all the game cares about.

    Of course now Sony has released the PSN version of FF9 so there's no need to convert the game anymore. It'll still be compatible with your version or any other version of the game so long as its the same region and you make sure you copy the 'save' to the games save folder.

    *EDIT* You can also convert any of your PSX saves to the PSP as long as you have some way to copy your PSX saves to the PC in case you wanted to bring over any of your progress.
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