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    I probably didn't search as hard as I should have for this, but I was pretty eager to know the responses of the community.

    I want to mod my ds case, but I didn't know what to do. I saw the Bape ones and wanted to buy a case, but felt it wasn't that different than my white one. I saw the matte black and white combo by honeyee and found that to be the perfect design. I wanted to get that in my hands! But no one sells that case, so I was wondering what you guys thought about me buying a shock replacement case, Cool Black, which is just a matte black ds, and just replacing the outside of my white one. Would this work at all?
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    Well, it would work, but that case got bad reviews..It is said, that it actually isn't full matte, but smooth case painted matte black, and that it's fairly bad quality..
    Also, if you checked thieves review on replacements, you'd see that SHOCK isn't the best choice you can make, just order yourself a case from DealExtreme, there is a big choice of cases (but no matte I'm afraid!! [​IMG] )

    And also, if you decide to swap outer shell only, it's far easier than changing the whole case, or only inner..
    Good luck with your project..