Quick IPS clock patch for pokemon emerald 386

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Hello GBAtemp (sorry for not noting this was a request),
    I'm playing pokemon emerald 386 on my phone and obviously the internal clock doesn't work. Real time clocks are a little too difficult to get in sync with nokia's firmware. Another problem is the inability to load the .clt file, which i believe allows access to usually only event only areas? (it DOES support .clt files although im not sure how to convert)
    What i'm after is a patch that does:
    - Advances time based on play time not clock time, so that clock based events acutally happen and i can play however i want (using save states) and i'll still come across day / night at some point.
    - it needs to be for the 386 ROM, not just the original emerald ROM
    - Maybe a way to incorporate what the .clt file does in terms of national dex so i dont need that file to get access to all areas and content
    - Sorry if this has already been posted and i can't find it due to my inability to search.

    Thank you =]

    edit: The cheat converter mentioned in the next post has proved to be successful, but i can't seem to find a working copy of the .clt file that is meant to complement the game [​IMG]
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    I care little for pokemon but you should be able to stack the 386 and a real time patch (were one to exist for emerald), the GBA roms are self contained and shifting things causes massive fallout so nobody does it (it is also why there are no shrunken roms).
    The worst that could happen is some junk space that was used for the both patches was also used for the real time, that is a simple fix although probably not quite end user level.
    Regarding time patches they all work as you say (game time), clock time is an emulator/hardware* thing.

    *I am not aware of any in the wild but you could theoretically pull apart a patched rom to make a hardware patch.

    clt files. I assume you mean VBA cheat files. You can convert them ( http://ezflash.sosuke.com/about366.html should do) and then use them with GBAATM ( http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=99334 ) to hardpatch them into the rom if you want.

    Regarding the time patch I am not terribly up for making such a patch right now but you might be able to pull if off in cheats (which you can in turn hardpatch with GBAATM), I suggest a simple add a few minutes on given button press type patch but be careful about going over the "limit".
  3. jarop

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Thanks a lot for that info!
    It seems though that there are no emerald time patches around the place though, i spent quite a long time googling it last night [​IMG] Ruby and Sapphire ones are around though, however im not sure they can be applied in the same way.

    As for the idea of pressing X button to make time go by, not 100% sure that's going to work as if it picks up that there is a problem with the internal clock, it turns it off completly. Its worth a shot though
  4. DanTheManMS

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    I believe it was Destructobot who attempted to make an Emerald patch based on the way the Ruby and Sapphire patches work, but it was unsuccessful.
  5. jarop

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    Dec 12, 2006
    This topic can be closed, i have no idea why but i found a solution.

    I scraped the idea of incorporating the cheat idea and just hacked the items i needed on VBA before transferring that save over to my phone. Every play after that (using / not using that save) there has been no issue of the internal battery problem. I've beaten the elite 4 and made all the event areas no problem!

    Weird, but hey. It didn't backfire =]