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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Okay, some newbie questions. I posted in the "Backup Loading Basics" thread, pointing out that the instructions don't make sense and the link doesn't work, and the thread ended up unpinned.


    1) That thread says to install a patched IOS236. The Neogamma R9 thread mentions no such thing. Do I need this at all? If so, is it just unnecessary for Gamecube disks but necessary for Wii disks? If I do need one, where can I get one, given that the link in the "Backup Loading Basics" thread is broken?

    2) The Neogamma R9 thread also recommends a cIOS with "IOS56 as base IOS". Unfortunately, it contains no link to one (though it contains a link to a thread discussing it). Where can I get one?
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    Aug 23, 2010
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Well...I think it's good you're asking such questions. As with more things, you usually start out by just "doing what you're told" before you can learn why it is a good thing. If all those steps are explained and argued about in depth, it becomes so long that the majority who would benefit from the guide wander off and hack their wii based on an outdated youtube guide. [​IMG]

    Anyway...as for the questions:

    1. actually, there is no IOS 236. Those numbers are just slots; identifiers in which you can put a bit of input-output code that games will use when loading a game. A wii differs from other hardware in that it has more than one of those. That makes it easy for hackers to use customly made IOS'es (cIOS'es) without having to overwrite the already existing code. The convention is that numbers below 200 are IOS (or: officially released ones by nintendo), and above that are cIOS'es.
    Also important: IOS do checks to make sure that no inidentified materials can be run (such as backup discs). The most commonly used workaround relies on a bug in early versions of those IOS, known as the trucha bug. This bug is later patched by nintendo, but that doesn't mean it's entirely gone. Those newer IOS can be hacked to reintroduce that bug.

    And that's what IOS236 is: it is nothing but the official IOS36 (sorry, I don't know the version number), but with that trucha patch installed.
    If you have other cIOS'es installed (most ppl have them), then you probably won't need this. IOS236 can be used by programs like MMM or dop-mii to install wads, but it's not the only cIOS that can do that (though IOS'es are probably excluded, as you will need the trucha bug to allow the installation of unsigned wads).

    It's not needed for games. If you use USB-loading, you probably will use a cIOS that supports it, and if you want to play from discs, you need to overwrite the actual IOS36 instead of installing it in the 236 slot. Gamecube games rely on a MIOS, so it's not needed for that either.

    2. here's the thing: IOS'es are copyrighted code, so without proper permission of the authors, we aren't allowed to just link to them (the links are usually to threads discussing them, or to programs that allow you to get them for you). zizer's link contains the latest release, so...it's not that much extra work, but it's required.
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