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    Jun 5, 2009
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    Lately I bought an EZ V1 3-in-1 for my Nintendo DS lite with AK2 (Akaio)....
    and had a real bad issues with saving...
    yesterday, after tons of times of failing to save a game, the 3-in-1 devided to have a suprise for me
    no changes has been made, just all of sudden it did start to save,
    Out of my 5 roms (Dbz legacy of goku 2, buus fury
    Pokemon emerald, Fire red and Yu-gi-oh gx duel acdemy)
    2 was successfull in saving (Dbz`s, both of `em)
    2 had some fails at saving and some rom glitchs (Pokemon`s, both)
    and one was untested

    all of them were patched by GBATA....
    when I watch them with GBATA it seems that the main thing in common with the saveable roms are their lower the the SRAM memory in 3-in-1 saving compability (256k/512k)
    compared to the Pokemon`s which is both different and unknown save type for the DS i guess (flash) and is using larger memory (1024k) for saves

    What I guess is the problem for the pokemon to save is the large memory needed, since that according to the web my 3-in-1 got 512k SRAM...
    is there`s any IPS patch that might decrease the amount of save sizes? is there`s an IPS patch that might change the save format? (flash to SRAM or eeprom)
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    have you tried clean roms? that works for me with fire red and nearly exactly your setup