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    Nov 25, 2009
    Greetings all. I have been out of the scene for a few months, but I used to lurk here all the time, trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible. But there are some things that still elude me a bit, so here it is. I know some of the information I'm going to ask, but may be out of date... First off, let me give you information on my wii as far as my knowledge goes.

    Wii Bought on the First Trimester of 2009
    Updated to 4.2 before I even figured I could softmod it.
    Hacked at around summer 2009? When Muramasa and TvC(j) came out.
    Bannerbombed and installed HBC, Bootmii as IOS and DVDX
    Backed up my NAND, but it's long gone. (VERY IMPORTANT ABOUT THIS IN A SECOND)
    Installed cIOS249
    Patched IOS36 using video tutorial of a guide up here.
    Have Priiloaded 0.4 installed. (I think that's the version...)
    I Installed Waninkoko's cIOSX19 as 249 to update from 14
    Installed Hermes IOS's for uLoader

    NOTE: I have a Wii Dedicated SD card.
    NOTE: I downloaded and installed Modmii today, I've had it for ages on this PC, but never really DID use it...
    NOTE: I do not have wifi, or internet whatsoever in the house with the wii. Nor do I have a TV in this house to work some things...
    NOTE: If the programs requested can be installed as a channel, it would be most convenient to use that rather than HBC loading, seeing as how I'm not the only user of the Wii. I want simplicity for my girlfriend.

    Here's the stuff: The actual questions will be in italics

    Before I do anything, I want to make a NAND back up, since my original one dissapeared most likely because I forgot what it was and erased it, along with the flies for bootmii. In short, I cannot access bootmii to make such back up. Where can I get the files to put on my SD card and how should they be put?

    My IOS are pretty out of date, of that I am sure. Should I update them? If so, what would be the best way? For some reason the NUS program doesn't really work on this computer. So I will need to resort to Modmii.

    I do Disc Loading through Neogamma R7 and GC Backup Launcher. The one time I DID try using a later Neogamma (R8 I believe), my games would not load with it, so I stuck with R7. For simplicity's sake, is there a Disc Loader that I can load both Wii and GCN backups, simple and maybe necessary options for me to play with in case some games don't work off the bat? I use DVD so as not to be keeping space in my computers or external HDDs, and we tend to for whatever reason always losing all data on PC or HDD some times...

    I have some random 80 gig usb powered HDD I bought over ebay a few years back, which is not currently being used. I am considering of using it for USB loading the games I still haven't burned to DVD. Since I don't even know the model, I don't know if it's compatible, but hope it will be. If anything I can try getting an 8 gig pendrive for holding a game or two, depending on their size. What is the best possible format option for my HDD? I MAY use it for random data backup as well until I can get myself a 500 gig or 1 tera HDD.

    What would be the best USB Loader? When originally hacked the wii I installed uLoader, but that was nearly year and a half ago, so there should be much better ones now. I have heard of wiiflow, CFG, and a few more. I also know of the cover download and all that. I just want something that could be efficient and simple, and that I will not spend two hours looking for a game.

    Can the Wiiware and Virtual Console titles I have installed be played from the SD card without having it installed? I am seriously running out of space on my NAND. Before Disney Epic Mickey, I had 4... so now I should have less. Mainly the N64 Virtual console games take a lot of space, therefore at least those I wanna pass to the SD. Can they be transferred to my PC if for any reason I need to reformat the card or something?

    Are the Wii media players actually worth it? I have heard of WiiMC, and I'm considering maybe using it for watching video or hearing music somewhere other than my laptop. My TV is so old, I actually connect the video cable through a VCR. And the audio to a surround sound. Though I hear they're not so good for DVD Playback AND they will kill the DVD Drive faster. Is that true? Can I use USB and SD Card for this? Will the Wii actually read a Music CD?

    What are useful programs to have on my SD card at all times, without repeating functions? Maybe as channels?(as in, Multi Mod Manager and WAD manager being repeats) Maybe a diagnostic program, Wad managers, stuff like that. I have Homebrew Browser in case I do get internet sometime (I had when I hacked the wii), but that's not so good without it.

    Custom Themes, are they worth it? If so, are they safe to install and remove? Easy? How? I saw a thread ages ago that had plenty, and the Luigi Theme fascinated me. Just seeing the spinning boo makes me smile.

    I believe this is all the information I will need right now... Or at least from the top of my head. I'm kinda sleepy today ~_~. I don't need it all immediately, maybe the Bootmii and USB Loading related stuff, since my Bday is wednesday and I'd like to have some additional party games to have fun with. Speaking of which, can anyone suggest good party games?

    Thank you in advance for your help. And Happy Holidays if you celebrate any. [​IMG]

    PD: I do not really condone of support piracy, as it may be implied from my questions. I simply can't really afford the games at the moment. But when I am able to do so (without actually indebting myself) I shall. Gotta support the people who make games like these!!! *pats wishlist of "backups" I have yet still wanna buy, like Disney Epic Mickey and DKCR*. So please, let's try not to get into the moral side of things, ok? ^^
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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Wii Party
    GoldenEye 007

    Those should keep you busy for a while.
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    Nov 25, 2009
    Thank you very much for the information. Today I actually have around 4 hours to use both computers (at the same time... Multitasking on a new level), so I shall download and look up the information provided. Thanks again ^^

    Now I hope my second wiimote arrives before wednesday, so the party games that require them will be able to be played. ^^

    Edit: Quick Question, which of these files would be best off downloading by ModMii? I have seen they have some hackmii installers and I think I also saw bootmii files... But I will do as you guys states and just update bootmii, and immediatle back up.

    Edit2: I will download Waninkokos cIOSX20B. I know you can install to some IOS, like 249 which I believe is the one I'm using, and I believe 56 (or was it 256?) and so on, and each install works differently. Some for general compatibility, some for USB loading, some for Instrument games, some for online, so on... which are which?
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