Questions regarding system transfer from "Original 3DS XL" to "New 3DS XL"

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    I've been meaning to do this for quite a while but have just now gotten around to looking into this. I bought a New 3DS XL back when Majora's Mask 3D came out last year. I've been using that 3DS to play newer games using Gateway. The original 3DS XL has SYSNAND of 9.2 and the New 3DS XL has a SYSNAND of 9.0. Both have up to date emunand firmware as of today. I just have a few questions regarding transfer between the two systems.

    1. Is the transferred data (e-Shop games, save data, etc.) only accessible via emunand after the transfer to the New 3DS XL or will you be able to access everything in both sysnand and emunand? (i.e., if you turn the system off and back on into sysnand, will e-shop titles that I re-download via emunand be available on sysnand as well?). An emunand to emunand transfer doesn't seem as permanent as a SYSNAND to SYSNAND transfer.

    2. Would the SYSNAND on the New 3DS XL mirror the Emunand for the transfer? In other words, would the transfer stay on the New 3DS XL even if I delete / wipe emunand?

    3. Also, if sysnand on the New 3DS XL is wiped (clean slate) after the transfer, would my NNID be erased from both 3DS systems?

    4. What happens to save data for games played via Gateway? (i.e., if games were played via Gateway on the old 3DS XL and other games were played on the New 3DS XL, would any of those saves be inaccessible after the transfer?)

    5. I currently have some digital titles like Zelda ALBW, DKC Returns 3D, and Steamworld Dig on the original 3DS XL. I also have Ambassador status on my original 3DS XL (with all of the 20 free classic games downloaded for GBA and NES) If I transfer from the original 3DS XL emunand to New 3DS XL emunand, will these digital games be playable and will the save data be intact?

    6. Would I only be able to access my e-shop games, etc. via emunand on my New 3DS XL? Or would I be able to access them in SYSNAND as well?

    7. Since I would be using emunand on both systems, would the NNID still exist in SYSNAND on the original 3DS XL?

    Sorry, just trying to wrap my head around this before attempting to transfer via the many guides out there. Just don't want to make a mistake and lose all of my digital titles that I paid for that I have on my original 3DS XL... :P

    Thanks in advance for any assistance with this!
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    1. Unless you leave your NANDs linked, your NNID will only be available on either emunand or sysnand (sysnand is generally a bad idea to leave an NNID linked to excluding a9lh)

    2. This depends on if you leave your NANDs linked as well. If you plan on updating (required for ease of access for things, workarounds exist) you will only have things available in emuNAND.

    3. NNID after a sysNAND wipe will be in a "disabled" state until you set it up with a formatted emuNAND (you can restore the older emuNAND backup after linking NNID again to access the eshop, etc.)

    4. Saves on carts/flashcarts are not console specifically encrypted. They are however, encrypted based on pre 6.x (?) and post 6.x NANDs, when they switched the encryption up.

    5. I'm not too sure how this works, but I'm pretty sure they are available for download in the history section of the eshop, and I know for sure that save files will be lost (just backup with a save manager that isn't save manager from the hb starter pack)

    6. Depends on if you unlink

    7. You will most likely have errors on your o3ds if you try to use your NNID on that (if you tried restoring an older emunand backup to access it)

    Note: I have not tried to do this before, I just know how most of this works from personal experience, and posts I have seen on here before. Feel free to correct me.