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    Since programs like triiforce only knows how to access the FAT32 partition if it's the first one, is there anyway or partition manager out there capable of it?

    I tried paragon, it's capable of creating another partition without sacrificing the current data but it can only create a 2nd partition out of it... but I want it to be on the first..

    So I want :

    FAT32-WBFS instead of WBFS-FAT32
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    I believe that type of partitioning doesn't work with WBFS drives anyway. Part of the WBFS info includes the drive size (or number of sectors) and unless the partitioning application knows what the WBFS partition format is, it will fail.

    Your best bet is just to do a mass copy to .wbfs files on another drive, repartition the drive, then move the files back to the newly partitioned drive. You might as well make the new drive FAT32 at the same time, but you don't have to. Here's a tutorial for the process of mass converting to .wbfs files.
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    I too suggest a single big fat32 partition.

    But if you dont like that i can show you how to switch the partitions around using linux fdisk.
    You will need a method of booting linux (eg livecd, ..) and some basic knowlege of it,
    (or no fear of partitioning the wrong drive(eg backup, disconecting all other drives.. ))
    if you want to give it a go reply here no pm
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    Use EASEUS Partition Master 5.0.1 Home Edition

    BUT, in order to do what u want, u will have to backup your games and blow away the drive.

    Also, make sure the FAT32 is marked as Active (and is a primary partition, not a logical).
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