[Questions] Gateway or CFW? (*new* 3DS XL 9.0)

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    1. What is the largest microSD Card size the Gateway Cart can support?
    2. What is the largest microSD Card size the *new* 3DS XL can support?

    3. Which one can you recommend? Gateway Cart + ROMs or CFW + CIA?
    4. Why?

    5. Are CIAs capable of online play without the worry of bans?

    and lastly,

    6. Converting 3DS ROMs to CIA? or download from the internet and install right off the bat?
  2. froggestspirit

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    CFW+CIA. It's free. You arn't paying a company (Gateway) that doesn't put forth more effort than the hackers here that release free code.
    There's also more features (like Reinand or NTR)