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    Apr 23, 2007
    Hi everyone!

    First off, I want to apologise for my noobie questions. I have been looking around for a while, researching emulation and flah carts and stuff and I just wanted to ask you folks to confirm that which I think I have learned...

    Okay! So, I found a flash cart I like on craigslist. It's a used "EZF-Advance" 256mb (like this one). It's only $50 CDN and I've read pretty good reviews.

    If anyone thinks it's a bad idea to get the used EZF-Advance, let me know. :/ what should I get instead? do I need a RTC? I don't play Pokémon but I do love Zelda...

    ALright, so I figure I can load about 4 GBA games at a time on it, right? What about other kinds of roms? I've looked into PocketNES and that sounds promising. Can i have PocketNES AND GBA roms on at the same time? I know NES roms are small, can I upload lots of NES roms for PocketNES in just one block of 32mbs? Oh, and can I save games like normal with PocketNES?

    What's the word on emulated SNES games? I have heard that they don't play well. Are there games that do paly well? Should I even bother?

    What software do you recommend? I use a PC but I might need some Mac software. Does anyone know anything that works well?

    That's about as many questions as I can think up. Thanks so much for your help, everyone. I'm excited about using this flash cart and getting as much as I can out of it!

    All the best,
    - JM
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    About to goto sleep but the the quicknotes version: the EZF-A is awesome, newer carts that take microSD cards offer far more storage space if you want that but if you're happy with a cart that can only hold (on avereage) 4-6 commercial games (homebrew's are much smaller and the size varies so it's hard to say how many will fit) and handles savefiles automatically then it's fine.

    Yes you can have PocketNES on there too, the way those emulators work is to have an application on the PC that bundles the NES roms and the emulator all up into a single GBA file first, which you then put on the cart. Thus it's just like any other GBA game. I don't know how saving works (never tried it), but the emulator does use a savefile so it must contain something. (you have to manually set the save size to 512mb, most commercial games detect save size automatically but homebrew ones don't.)

    Software: the software for writing to the cart can be found on the homepage (site loads slowly but it'll get there), along with a detailed how-to FAQ in the forum (forum>ezf-advance>1st sticky in the list). It's an old cartridge so the client software is final and there will be no more updates.

    I don't know if it'll work with a Mac, but I doubt it. Anyone tried it?
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    $50 could net you a far bigger cart but the EZFA is a solid cart. RTC can be patched for and zelda does not have RTC (only 2 series do to my knowledge: pokemon and boktai).

    As it requires custom drivers and the like you are probably out of luck on a mac unless you have some form of emu/interpreter that actually runs windows.

    NES roms are well sorted by pocketnes and HVCA (perhaps more so than a lot of the DS emulators).

    SNES is possible but nowhere near great, the DS is making serious headway but it still is quite far off. Many seminal titles got ported to the GBA though.
  4. sohighlyevolved

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    Apr 23, 2007
    Thanks guys! You've helped a lot. I know I can get a better cart but I am buying the EZFA from a guy in real life so I don't have to wait for shipping. Also, I don't really neeeeed more than 4-6 games at a time. It would be nice, but I am not willing to wait longer. Maybe I'll upgrade after I play with the EZFA for a while.

    Thanks again, fellas, you've been so helpful!