[QUESTIONS]DSiware downgrade after (partially) unbanning a hyperbanned 3DS

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    So, unfortunatelly, my console has been affected by a recent ban wave - it had both 002-0102 and 022-2812 ban. Now that wouldn't be a big deal, I don't really use my 3DS that much anymore but I needed to use it do DSiware downgrade my friends 3DS and I could no longer do that after getting banned.

    However, by following this guide I have partially unbanned it. I can now access online features in games, access eShop and most importantly - use System Transfer function as my 3DS isn't linked to NNID anymore (after injecting a blank nnidsave.bin). I've also read that I can purchase Fieldrunners without NNID and it will be linked to DeviceID (which has been changed and isn't blacklisted anymore). So here are my questions:

    1)If I purchase Fieldrunners without NNID and do a system transfer to my friends 3DS, will the game (with exploited savefile) get transferred aswell? Can I do the DSiware downgrade that way?

    2)Does SecureInfo_A or LocalFriendCodeSeed_B get transferred during the system transfer? In other words, if I do a system transfer, will my friend face the online restrictions that I'm facing? I have read here that the game can in fact be purchased without NNID, but I don't know if it will get transferred.

    3)If the answer to above question is yes, is there anything I can do do remedy that (preferably without waiting a week to do the system transfer again). Can I backup his NAND (his console is on 11.0 firmware) with any other method than hardmod? Can I at least backup his original SecureInfo_A and LocalFriendCodeSeed_B (if that turns out to be necessary) so that I can restore them after installing A9LH on his console and so that his console doesn't face any issues with online features?

    Thank you in advance for answering these questions, I need to have System Transfer process cleared up before I attempt it.
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