Questions Before i buy a New 3ds XL

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  1. NicolaiVdS

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    Jun 27, 2016

    Im looking to buy my first 3ds and i wanna put cfw on on it so i have a few questions before i go to the store and buy one.

    • What should i look for when buying a New 3ds XL ?
      • I know there a lists of with version numebers on but are they stil accurate ? like this one
    • what is the highest FW version that can downgrade without a hard mod
    • Any other recommendations ?
    PS: I wanna CFW the 3ds and run EMU Nand on it.

    PSS: I'm in the EU.
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    Anyways, you should look for the lowest firmware of course, but nowadays, the N3DSes are at the latest version.
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  3. Molina

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    May 14, 2016
    If you go for CFW, region doesn't matter (with CFW Luma).

    • everything is in the link you posted, I can't help you more. Don't hesitate to look for old "game+n3dsxl bundle" (n3ds launch bundle for example) they are more likely to be on a downgradable FW. Last thing I bough was a n3dsXL on amazon (EU) and it was on 10.4 FW if I remember well (it was months ago).
    • 10.7 without hardmod or Dsiware downgrade.
    • Even though I don't use it on my n3dsxl (Luma EmuNAND with bootmanager) but I use it on my 2ds, I would recommend to go for a9lh.
    This can help you if you really want EmuNAND. You only need to be on the good FW.
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    Feb 14, 2015
    Well, if you're in the US I'm selling off my barely used Monster Hunter Generations n3ds+32GB sd with a9lh+luma already setup for you. It will come with the original packaging and all backups made before installing a9lh. I'd like to sell it for $260+ shipping, pm me if interested.