questions,answers and doubts : wii dvd dumper 1.0,1.2

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    Oct 16, 2008
    when i star to use the new loader i found the wii dvd dumper 1.2 .in the begining this brew works very well but now i get one erro when i try to dump a game.and here it is:
    in the begining(this in one day):
    i used the new cios for loader 0.3 and i installed the dvdx ios 249 and works very well
    but in that night i put the wii dvd dumper in work to finishing one game(mario galaxy) and i did go to sleep, when i woke up in the morning i did go to see the process but my wii was in off mode in red and it means Electricity that had gone and come back again in the night and after i diceded to star again but when i tryed it the wii dvd dumper gives me an error and loaders too(0.1 and 0.3) and after i diceded to format my wii and try again but the results are :
    loaders working very well and wii dvd dumper giving me an error every time and i diceded to try the version 1.0 and the results are:
    wii dvd dumper 1.0 working
    and i make a question for waninkoko you going to release a new wii dvd dumper or anyone here have a soluction for that problem ?

    and other question any one knows here i can download the drives for wii dump raw(LG gdr 8164b,LG gdr 8163b,LG gdr 8162b, LG gdr 8161b)?
    thans for helping me [​IMG]