Questions after update to A9LH from GW emunand

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  1. LipeDuoli

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    Jun 4, 2016
    I have some noob questions now I install the A9LH on my O3DS. I'm using GW payload as well.
    Before I start follow Plailect guide, I make a GW emunand backup, SD card backup and remove the emunand from my SD card.

    1. Can I restore the data from my gateway emunand backup somehow? (like friend list, streetpass, mii plaza, mii creator)

    2. When Nintendo launch a new update (like 11.1, 12.x) I just need go in system settings and update or I need wait a update from luna3DS/gateway payload or something like that before?

    3. I now that is not the best but can I recreate the emunand partition and restore my old GW emumand, update then and do everything like before?

  2. Davidosky99

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    Jun 7, 2015
    1-yes, use jksm save manager
    2-yes, as long as you're using an open source cfw like luma3ds and not gateway cfw IIRC. Also, install a9lh following PLAILECT'S GUIDE and don't use GW implementation of A9LH
    3-the last one I'm not sure, maybe someone will know better than me.
    Just follow plailect's guide, it's the best
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  3. Temptress Cerise

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    May 1, 2016
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    Like Davidosky99 has said, you can transfer over that stuff using JK's Save Manager.

    Otherwise, you could just flash that GW EmuNAND using Hourglass9 once you have A9LH setup, onto your sysNAND and transfer the Nintendo 3DS//ID1/ID2 folder that pertains to it.

    Also, you can update safely with Luma3DS or any other CFW that has FIRM protection. Otherwise on O3DS you will lose A9LH, and on N3DS you will brick.

    As for the third question. You'll have to use EmuNAND9 to create an EmuNAND using Format SD (EmuNAND legacy), from there you'd use EmuNAND9 to restore the GW EmuNAND back onto that newly created EmuNAND.
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  4. LipeDuoli

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    Jun 4, 2016
    Sorry for the bad tittle.. I use the plaitect guide.. I will try to change the title so figure out how to do it...
    I have installed now is Luma3DS like the guide say..

    For I use JK's Save Manager, i need restore my GW emunand backup, backup everything, back to luma3DS and restore, right? This is totaly safe or is a better idea make a sysnand backup? and the last question, i need ro restore everything (Save Data, ExtData, System Save data, Boss ExtData, Shared ExtData)? I don't now the different of all this things.. xD
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  5. LipeDuoli

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    Jun 4, 2016
    I tried use JK's Save Manager like I said in previous post and I restore almost everything..2 things do not work..
    1 - my friend list. and my friend code changed to.
    2 - nintendo network id. when I try register again, has a advice that I can't use the same identity in 2 devices, to use system transfer instead. I can restore my GW emunand backup on another 3ds and do a System transfer for this with Luna without any problem?

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