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    Dec 31, 2006
    I have a few questions about WIFI in general and kinda the hacking of it:
    -1. Is it actually hard to make a game with WIFI? Since lots of developers (homebrew but also real companies) don't put WIFI in there game. It just sucks when there's a cool game, but it lacks WIFI mode, especially worldwide.
    -2. Or is it expensive to make use of Nintendo's servers? This seems to be a good reason for me why anybody would spoil a game by don't making a cool multiplayer.
    -3. And is WFC the same as local WIFI, but does it just connect to internet, and makes a stronger signal which can travel further?

    My question about the hacking part is:
    - How hard ('cause I know it has to be hard or impossible) is it to hack a game and add a multiplayer, and how do you do it? If that's even possible. [​IMG] Let's say a game has local multiplayer, but you would like to see it worldwide multiplayer (WFC). Somebody ever tried that? Excuse me for being a complete ass when I missed like 10 topics about this , or when I'm asking stupid (if not very stupid) questionsXD
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    Depends on the game. The wifi handler depends on the capability of the DS. It isn't that hard to generate code for wifi, however, it would take a long time to add ad-hoc and internet support because you'd need to modify the game's code for allowing two player support. Specifically, you'd need to tell the game that there is two players and you'd have to create the graphics, a lobby(possible), and modify so the game data so that you'd be able to send/receive data without lag.

    There's a whole lot more you'd have to consider, so I'm banking on impossible. Well, unless you rebuilt the game from scratch.

    Edit: Err, I didn't even read the past part of your post >.
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    Nov 19, 2002
    1) Yes and No, if you have established an online system in a previous version then it isn't that difficult. But it can be quite hard if you haven't used the tools available before.

    2) It is expensive to make game servers, if its really popular you are shelling out alot of money for them and the bandwidth needed. Also its expensive if no one uses it. AFAIK Nintendo own/run all the servers.

    3) Local wireless play uses a slightly different system than WiFi, mainly in an effort to save on battery usage.

    There have been attempts at tunneling software, this enables a local multiplayer games to work over the Internet via special software, but they haven't been that successful due to latency and the encryption used on the local connections.