Questions about using Gateway with a JPN New 3DS

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  1. LieutenantPie

    LieutenantPie Member

    Nov 20, 2009
    United States
    I'm considering getting an imported Japanese New 3DS (the small one with the faceplates) since it's actually cheaper than getting the XL here in America, but I wanted to clear some things up before I consider buying it.
    1. If I buy an imported JPN copy of Ocarina of Time and use the JPN save file will it work exactly the same way as it would on a US console? Do I have to worry about which version of the game it is or is it safe to just grab the first cartridge I can find?
    2. Is it possible to change the language of the emuNAND to English?
    3. If a .cia of a JPN game works on my USA emuNAND on my old 3DS, then will a .cia of a USA game work on the JPN New 3DS emuNAND?
    4. I'm assuming that I can't use the same exact emuNAND I have on my original 3DS, so will doing a system transfer in the settings menu (with both consoles in emuNAND) actually copy over all my installed .cia games and the save data in them?
    5. Is the v4.x downgrade still possible on the New 3DS? Being able to use the DS profile settings exploit is so useful to me that it's part of what's helping me decide whether or not to get the new one.
    6. Is there anything that was possible on the original 3DS that isn't possible on the New 3DS?
  2. chizco06

    chizco06 Member

    Mar 30, 2015
    Hello, I actually did the same thing you want to do, except I did it with an australian new 3ds which does include the english language :), so to answer your questions:
    1. Remember all 3ds´s are region locked, so if you want to use the ocarina of time save, you should get a japanese game and it should work the same way as an USA game would, the only diference is that the Jap game won´t work on any USA 3ds an the same is also true for a USA game on a JAP 3ds.
    2. I really don´t know the answer sorry :(
    4. You can´t system transfer as you need the newest firmware to do so and gateway emmunand still does not support the newest firmware.
    5. The gateway v4.x downgrade on new 3ds is not posbile.
    6. Well, for this one you won´t be able to use the web browser exploit, and the gateway downgrade.
    If you are going to use Gateway on the new 3ds remember to buy one that comes with sysnand 9.2 or lower, as gateway doesn´t work on 9.3 and above. :)
  3. dkabot

    dkabot Better With Others' Systems Than Their Own

    Sep 9, 2014
    United States
    1. Can't speak to versions of Oot, region locking was already addressed above
    2. Not directly, as EmuNAND just clones SysNAND. You can, however, change the EmuNAND region to US or PAL if you know what you're doing and set your language from there.
    3. Since you need Gateway Mode for cia files to begin with (barring the few exceptions) you can run foreign ones... just note the issue that you can't change a JP NAND language away from Japanese without changing its region altogether.
    4. Can't do a system transfer, trying to run it checks for updates, GW only supports 9.4 on N3DS (9.5 on Old) and doesn't patch update checks. No, you can't patch that in EmuNAND yourself as far as we know.
    5. Not supported, N3DS never ran 4.5 and is new hardware, thus no change.
    6. Running 9.5 EmuNAND, 4.X downgrade, browser exploit in SysNAND. The former is irrelevant for the time being, the latter two are why you need Oot or CN
  4. daxtsu

    daxtsu GBAtemp Guru

    Jun 9, 2007
    As long as the save works with the cartridge you purchase (some were really picky a few weeks back), then yes, there's no difference in how you execute the exploit.

    Yes, it will work fine. I have multiple USA games installed in cia format on my N3DS LL.

    That is correct, each NAND is unique to each 3DS. You can't system transfer to out of region consoles (not sure if the link I posted lets you bypass that, though. But regardless, N3DS emunand only supports up to 9.5 right now, and the recent method that lets you get on the eShop with older firmwares doesn't work in GW mode currently, so you can't do a system transfer this way. I'll let someone else explain the whole "legit" CIA thing and what moves over and what doesn't, even though it's mostly irrelevant here.

    No, it's not possible to downgrade the N3DS to 4.x. That's like trying to install Windows 95 on a core i7 PC, it just won't run right, if it does at all. However, the system settings application CAN be downgraded, and the MSET (ds profile) exploit DOES work, but, and this is a big but, nothing public uses it right now, so you won't be able to launch Gateway with this method.

    Not a lot at this point in time (some of these might/will change in the future though). The browser exploit (ram hax and otherwise), downgrading to firmwares under 8.x, using the rxTools emuNAND (this one does support the newest 9.7), and running ARM9 stuff via the DS profile exploit, and for the moment, it's easier for Gateway to add newer emuNAND support to the older 3DS than the N3DS (it has more security).

    Oh, and one last thing: If your 3DS comes in on 8.1.0-0J, you may as well get cubic ninja or a sky3DS instead of OoT, and then update your console to 9.2 using, because the multirom menu is broken in Gateway mode on 8.1, and updating emuNAND will break it (it'll go to 9.7).
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