Questions about updating emunand in SX OS

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    So right now I'm running 7.0.1 sysnand and 7.0.1 emunand with SX OS and I want to update my emunand so I can run Cadence of Hyrule. I've read that Choi can be used to update emunand, but if you're not worried about getting banned (which I'm not, this a secondary Switch is dedicated to homebrew and piracy), that I can just turn off stealth mode and update my emunand through the system settings, is this true? I've also read that if you don't update correctly you can burn fuses, but do I need to worry about this if I'm not concerned with being banned? And is the latest firmware update safe to run in emunand? I also have Auto RCM enabled through SX OS, will that affect anything while updating?

    Sorry for all the questions... I've tried finding the answers searching but there's so much conflicting posts it's hard to decide what to do.
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    Even if you don't care about getting banned I still would not waste your cert as it may be useful to someone. There are even some places that take donations for certs like hbgshop. And the next time you want to update you'll have to use ChoiDujourNX anyway as you'll likely be banned by then if you update officially now.
    I have no idea if the fuse burning in CFW is properly patched out so that updating officially won't burn fuses, so if you care about that I wouldn't risk it, but IMO fuses don't really matter. I suppose you could use the (still unreleased I believe) warmboot exploit that was patched in 8.x, but is that really any easier than just plugging in a dongle to send a payload when you power on your Switch from a cold boot? I believe it's going to need the web browser (which is kind of a hassle) so it's likely easier just to use RCM. It's more for those with units that have patched RCM.
    Maybe there's a way to get FakeNews working on newer firmwares which would be a bit more convenient than RCM but most likely that has been patched a long time ago.

    Not sure on how stable the latest firmware is in SX OS at the moment. They just added support, and their new updates tend to bring with them new bugs. I'm still on 8.0.0 on my emuNAND as that was the firmware version on my sysNAND (which I updated just before I made my emuNAND) at the time I hacked my console. I would probably install 8.0.1 and stay there for a while until 8.1.0 is confirmed stable or you actually need 8.1.0 for something.
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    I'm on 7.0.1 and cadence works fine I installed it with new tinfoil.
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    Well i am using emunand since it got released, still not banned but i never go online on my emunand even with steath mode.