Hardware Questions about Super Mario 3D Land non-XL New 3DS


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Feb 1, 2008
Anyone know if the Super Mario 3D Land non-xl NA New 3DS has IPS displays or the TN ones?

Nintendo if you are watching please make sure my pre-order has an IPS display like you did with my Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New 3DS XL. Also make it a cooler toned screen rather than a warmer one. Or do it like you did with my New 3DS XL and make it have an IPS display and make it so it has cooler tones with power-saving on and warmer tones with power-saving off. Works out quite nice for my taste in screen tones.

I previously owned Super Mario 3D Land on cartridge and do not have the cartridge anymore or it digitally. If I don't do a system transfer from my new 3DS XL to the non-XL and just link my Nintendo Network ID instead (does it allow the same NNID on both or would I have to unlink it from the XL first?) would the pre-installed Super Mario 3D Land get overwritten or merged into my NNID?? I remember horror stories from people about losing the pre-installed Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate when the New 3DS XL first came out in NA but had no issues, I did a system transfer of an old 3DS at the time and my NNID transferred with it I think.
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