Questions about status quo of flashcarts

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    Jan 13, 2010
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    Hi. I just got back into the homebrew/flash scene with ds' and I had some questions.

    I have a M3DS Real that I bought in Japan. I've put a compatible version of Sakura and puzzle games on there for my girlfriend.

    I started playing Rhythm Heaven and I got hooked. Now I am considering buying a new flashcart.

    I have a ds lite.

    Would I be right in assuming that the top slot 1 devices would be m3 ds real and m3i zero?

    Here are some of my requirements:

    I don't need/or will buy a dsi so I don't care if its not compatible with dsi.
    I definitely want SAKURA compatiblity.
    I really don't use my DS for music or video or even homebrew for that matter.

    So, the most bang for buck slot 1 device that is compatible with Sakura. Suggestions please.

    Oh yeah,

    I heard about the SCDSTwo - is that worth getting?
    Also, can you please tell me the advantages of dual booting.

    Thank you all very much.

    This forum is great and the users rock!
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    As far as I know the M3 DS Real/M3iZero are the only flash cards that can run Sakura to its full capacity. I am not for sure though.

    SCDSTwo will be one of the first Flash Cards that have extra stuff (ram, processors, etc.), and will be able to emulate GBA games(and do other stuff). Currently the only other card that is able to do that is the iPlayer (and the iPlayer does not have commercial Rom loading).

    Also forgot to mention that this is in the wrong section, so get a mod to move it (unless it gets moved before hand).