Questions about Pokemon 4-colour Remaster 3DS VC

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    First of all, I presently got one 3DS JP console (no emunand at all) and one N3DS US console (with emunand).

    Secondly, I am perfectly aware that normally one cannot get the 4 colours out of his region and cannot choose the language he wants without buying another console from another region. This is because on the eshop every region has already been pre-assigned with a particular version (E.g. JP with JP language, US EU with English version).

    What I plan to do is simple - to transfer pokemon of four colours from JP console to US console, or vice versa, without buying another JP console or US console. But you know, Nintendo always makes it extremely difficult because of the region locked stuff.

    My questions are as follow:-

    1. Are the official 4-colour still region-locked in the sense that the US version (or console) cannot communicate at all with the JP version (or console)?

    2. If answer to 1 is yes, I am wondering if there is any way to run the 4 colours out of the region, say, by running CIA (if any) of the US 4-colour on the JP console and having pokemons being transferred to or from an US console (in which the official version of the four colours have been installed)?

    3. Finally, has CIA (or other formats) of the 4-colour been released so far?

    I know what I am asking is a bit clumsy (thanks to Nintendo). Please feel free to correct me if my questions above are going to a wrong track.

    Any reply would be much appreciated.
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    What do you mean by "4-color"? I'm confused as all hell.
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    Mar 22, 2016
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    These are not remasters, just the original roms running on an emulator. And yes, they are region-locked. You can bypass the region lock with CFW or ask someone else to make a region-free CIAs for you (but not here).