Questions about playing CIAs made from cart versions of games online...

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    May 2, 2018
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    Okay... let's say I took my physical cartridge copy of Smash Bros. 3DS and made a CIA from it with GodMode9. Is there anything I need to know or have before I go online? Will I risk being banned if I miss something? I've seen a file that ends in "-priv.bin" when I looked at the gamecart section in GodMode9 with said cart of Smash 3DS. What's that about? Do I need to dump that, too? Will it be a similar process for other online games?
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    I don't have anywhere near enough technical knowledge to answer your question, but I dumped my cartridge copy of Tri Force Heroes to CIA using Godmode9 a long time ago and have not had any problems with playing it online.
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