Questions about gamestop trade in for N3DS XL

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    So gamestop has once again launched the promotion where if you trade in a 3ds you can get a new 3ds xl for $100. I had some questions about the trade in requirements.

    1. Can the new 3ds xl run gateway?
    2. My 3ds is pretty scratched up. Is there some kind of condition it has to be above to be eligible?
    3. my 3ds is currently on 4.4 firmware. do I have to update it before trading it in?
    4. For those who have traded their old one in could you explain what the process is like. What is everything you need for trade in such as charger, sd card, original box, etc.
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  2. Clydefrosch

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    1. no idea
    2. I would assume it needs to be in resellable condition to be eligible. also, have at least the charger. box and stuff wouldn't hurt i guess, but the device and charger should be most important.
    3, they most likely dont care
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    Can almost guarantee it will be above 9.2 at this point.

    It usually has to be in resellable condition. They may ask you to pay more than $100 if they feel it's damaged in some way. Usually require the charger. If things are missing thy may give you less