Questions about D2CKEY (japanese Wii)

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Kenshin Br, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Kenshin Br

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    Mar 6, 2008

    I've got a japanese Wii with D2CKEY last week (I was "forced" to do it... LOL). [​IMG]

    Until now I was able to play some USA games (Metroid Prime 3, Battalion Wars 2 and Medal of Honor Heroes 2) and japanese games (Gundam 0079 and Winning Eleven 2008). I fact, I need to play US games because I don´t know nothing about japanese language (I'm brazilian... Even with english I have big problems; I have studied english since 2005). [​IMG]

    Well I have some questions about my Wii:

    1. Some US backups just does not work in a japanese Wii. In the future those ISOs will be playable? In other words, will we have other backups that works fine or something like this?

    2. Ok, I play backups, but I wanna to buy some original/oficial games in the future. For example, the Fire Emlem's backup does not work in my japanese Wii. But how about the original/oficial disc? Will it work fine in my console?

    3. I have 12 US original/oficial games for my old GameCube... Are there problem about put them in my japanese Wii? And about US backups from GC titles?

    4. Sometimes Metroid Prime 3 does not work... The Wii shows a msg in japanese and I need to eject the disc e turn off the console. But after this the disc works fine. Is this a normal problem with the Metroid Prime 3 backup?

    5. How can I play WE 2008 online? LOL. [​IMG]

    I'm being so careful because here in brazil we have high taxes for imported electronics products and the consoles are veeery expansive (I paid something about 700 US dollars in my Wii - yes, this high price is the only way to play videogames here. The games are very expansive too: a launch game - 49 US dollars - costs something near 90 US dollars here). If I broke my console, I will not able to buy another one too soon.