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  1. jan777

    jan777 motion control..? srsly? so 2008. 3DS is teh bombz

    Jan 4, 2008
    so i had this problem with the homebrew channel (it wont work)

    then i tried to delete it with the data management

    but it isnt there , no question mark or nothing,,

    so i had to format the wii to get rid of the d@#$ useless black channel

    so i backup my miis and saves then went to format it

    after booting again(the useless channel was gone)

    i retransfered my wii then when i went to refile my saves i found out they werent even erased!!!?!?!?

    wat do you think? tthere something wrong with the wii??
  2. superrob

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    Apr 4, 2007
    GBATemp factory.
    Donno why your saves wasn't deleted... anyway be happy about it.