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Nov 21, 2005
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I don't know how many people will be able to answer this around here.

Never heard of the series or author before this thread.

In the spirit of teaching a man to fish though

Main page for the site appeared to be down so
It does mention being translated into 26 languages which would tend to have Russian in there somewhere (fairly popular choice after you have done the usual European languages and Japanese, one of his illustrators also doing work for Russian companies) but I am not seeing any listings of what goes for that one, also looking the different rereleases might be counting for translation numbers there.✓ can be a useful resource for alternative editions of books.
Might have missed it depending upon how it Romainised the Cyrillic but don't think I did. and could be of interest but nothing much seen so far.

Scanning through does not find much for me today, I usually use it more for older books though.

Wikipedia only appears to list English as a language for the series. The author does have a Russian page thoughПилки,_Дейв
No mention of the series on that to give me a search term. Though the author name "Пилки, Дейв" might be a start there.

That did lead me to's_Mighty_Robot says not a lot (what might have been a name was actually "first edition" if my limited command of Russian is anything to go by).

At this point you can go looking through various pirate sources to see if there is a scanlation as it would be known for manga. I don't know how popular such things are in Russia for American kids books though, and I am not prepared to go down the rabbit hole this evening (seems to be where most of the pirate books set in the Russian speaking world shares things, even if 95% of the time they share the English versions) for something like this.
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