1. joson

    OP joson Newbie


    i go to the site and to the roms area...but am confused....
    should i rightclick on the title of the game or the save mirror? and i only get the 'save target option' not 'save as' ( is there a save as option? )
    after trying both...the title gives a link to a webpage and the save mirror produces a error... hope the message is understandable.... [​IMG]
    thx in adance
  2. Zanala

    OP Zanala Newbie

    I have no problem for downloading rom from advance-power ... just clik on mirror 1, a window open and soon the download begin ...
  3. Shadow 2002

    OP Shadow 2002 Newbie

    Or sometimes it says 'save' but just click and like he said a window pops up. Then just click on 'download'
  4. shaunj66

    shaunj66 GBAtemp Administrator

    Oct 24, 2002
    United Kingdom
    Click on where it says 'Save' under Mirror, and then a new window will open up, then in the new window right-click 'download' and choose Save Target As... or Save As...

    ... it's not hard [​IMG]
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