[QUESTION]Where is the location of the 3DS ROM?

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    Title. I am working on a secret little project involving the location of the 3DS ROM on the game cartridge.

    More or less, I am looking for the location of the ROM if I were to back it up or... other ways to manipulate it.

    EDIT: If I were to copy something there or from there how would I do it.
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    Dont think about manipulation - Read Only Memory


    Its stored on the black part, the ROM.
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    So you are doing a little secret project that involves writting to the rom... But you ask where is the rom located because you don't know that to begin with... And then you proceed to ask how would you do it too... You are asking people how to do your whole little secret experiment here :glare:
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    The perfect response to OP's post.

    OP, if your previous thread is any indication I think you're trying to merge ROMs, yes?

    If so, you'll need to remove the big black chip in the above picture from game A (you can use any old sharp object to pry it away from the board, the result will be the same*).

    Then, using bubble gum stick ROM A to ROM B, then take to it with a big ol' hammer.

    Once the chips are sufficiently mashed together, put them back into the cartridge housing and insert them back into your 3DS. Tada!

    *The result being the destruction of two perfectly good games.
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  5. Ammako

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    That's a CARD2 type game, yeah?
    In that case this is a NAND chip not a ROM chip :P Or I'm just plain wrong and this is CARD1 which probably is normal ROM chips idk. Maybe that small chip at the top is the EEPROM.
    But on CARD2 games pretty sure they did some neat trick to prevent writing to the area of the chip where the game is located though while leaving a tiny part at the end that could be overwritten for saving.

    Dammit why is it so hard to find any information on this, lol. I don't know what to search on google to return pictures of opened 3DS cartridges and I can't find info on exactly what kinds of chips are used, only some post on reddit where the person claims to know how it works but doesn't have a source.
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  6. Ekaitz

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    You can't write anything in a ROM chip.

  7. Just3DS

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    CARD2 game (like ACNL) must have reprogrammable NAND/EEPROM chip instead. The save is modified in the game itself instead of a seperate tiny EEPROM chip.
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    I was not asking anybody to do it, or tell me how to do it. I knew the physical location of the ROM but the way Gateway backs up the ROMs and how they do it is what I am wondering. If I wanted people to do it I would have been more clear. Sometimes you need more information to start something than you do to develop the concept.

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    Not trying to merge but you were right in the essence of perfect response. I was trying to right. The previous post was just a poll