[Question] Unlock old linker on a New3DS XL ?

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    Apr 13, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    At first, I like this site. I'm following this forum since some time. I would like to ask you: I wish play some DS game on 3DS. I was searching for any solution since two day, but It wasn't very concluding. I have a New 3DS XL, downgrade to 9.2.0-20E, and I have a Acekard 2i and a SuperCard DSOne SDSH.

    All I have find is that these linker was blocked since the 4.3.0-10, and that you can't install a DS game in .cia, except for DSIWare games. There are no homebrew to emulate a DS, then the last solution would be to use a linker (like my Acekard).

    So is there any solution to unlock these old linker on a N3DSXL ? I can't downgrade my emunand beside 4.3.0, because the first version of the N3DS was 8.0. I was reading about some patch to do unlock them, but they only talk about O3DS, not N3DS.

    Is someone had an idea ?

    Thank you !