[QUESTION] The BEST place to find CHEAP retro consoles

Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by TheLastFallen, Nov 30, 2015.

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    Oct 5, 2015
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    I seem to ask a lot of questions on the threads. There isn't a dedicated forum for retro consoles, so I put it here for the users that like to get pissy about it ;D

    So, I like to shop on Ebay and Amazon a lot and find the best prices. However, when it comes to get consoles (retro) they are all expensive! Its like $60 for used SNES! I don't care if a console is used, well, maybe unless its to the point of saliva all over the controllers and the console itself is busted. But I want retro consoles cheap, and Ebay and Amazon just don't have that option.

    What would you guys say?
  2. Wisenheimer

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    I think you will find that Amazon and Ebay are cheaper (and riskier) than an official refurbisher, like Gamestop. But, you are going to be paying somewhere near the market price for it, since the market on those sites is quite competitive, so you might have to hunt for quite a while to get a bargain.

    The alternative is to look for more obscure markets, like flea markets and garage sales. Of course, the money you save might easily be less than the money you would have earned from working.
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    Do you mean the section Other "Consoles and Oldies"?
    have you tried DKoldies? I mostly get the old consoles from thrift stores and repair them.