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    Apr 1, 2021
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    Hello guys! Out of not knowing how to solder, to having 4 switches in which I effed up 1, but used the Mobo to learn how to solder, and also using it for donor parts for 3 other switches (which ended up me breaking even) I know have 3 switches with the trinket m0 mod! I am super proud of myself but I do have a question regarding booting. This may be worded weird so bare with me.

    1 of the switches had an issue with the actual solder joint for the volume up on the back of the board, that caused it to be pressed always. Thus, it would try and boot payload1 along with sys/emunand not allowing volume up to work. I ended up removing that wire, and found that the switch boots to OFW without issue, which makes sense, because now theres no hardware based autorcm for injection.

    Everything was great, just had to hold volume up when booting to boot payload1.bin and boot hekate. I ended up tho, changing the volume up solder join to the actual volume up on the ribbon cable and everything worked great! (impressed that I murdered that small solder joint!!!!! ^__^v) so now its working without issue.


    First Question: When I had the volume up wire removed, it boot ofw without issue without any payload handshaking (hekate to stock). If you boot into hekate, and select reboot -> OFW, does this boot directly to OFW without hand shaking also?

    This all came to be when OFW 12 came out. I am using one of these switches for Online play with friends, but obviously want it to be able to cfw when i have friends over (my main switch auto boots to cfw and is in japanese... my friends don't know japanese).

    Second Question: If there is a update to OFW 12.1, and I update sysNand, and Hekate and Atmopshere are NOT yet updated to handle it, so my emuNand is on 12.0, will I be able to boot into hekate, select reboot -> ofw and still have ofw boot? I know some people said when the OFW 12.0 happened, so long as they booted straight into OFW without and handshaking (hekate -> launch -> stock will error out, as you probably know) that they were able to boot OFW, and also use their 11.1 emuNand.


    Few things... I know someone will say "WHY YOU UPDATE?! WHY NOT WAIT?! BLEHEBLEHBLHE". That is not my question. I am aware of the steps needed to be taken in order to be safe. I understand I can wait a few days, update hekate, and then be fine. That is not my question.

    Thanks again for all the help on the trinket m0 install and everything, without you guys and such a great community i never would have had the encouragement to do it, and get it correctly done :)
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    Nov 20, 2018
    First Question: If you select to boot with the OFW, the payload will not be injected again and you don't need to press the volumen button. It just goes straight to the OFW.

    Second Question: The only thing that matters is your cartreader. If you update the OFW to 12, it also updates the firmware of the cartreader. As far as I know, at that point you can't access it anymore with any lower CFW.
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