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    Jan 14, 2010
    Hi all,

    Once again a great community here that has helped a lot over the years with all of my homebrew activities.

    I currently have an issue I could do with some advice on, I seem to be missing the last piece of the jigsaw or perhaps it just simply isn't possible.

    Goal: Get the nintendo account email address of a profile on my CFW switch.

    Confirmed so far:
    -Have a rawnand backup of my switch nand (with a valid keyfile).
    -Have investigated and identified where i 'think' the profile data is saved (System Save - Account DB) from info here https://switchbrew.org/wiki/Flash_Filesystem#PRODINFOF
    -Have extracted and decrypted the account DB from system saves and reviewed with a hex editor after using https://github.com/eliboa/NxNandManager

    However I just get encoded jibberish.

    Any guidance on where I'm going wrong, the location of the data being incorrect or final steps I should be following would be greatly appreciated.

    Note: I haven't gone into the reason I need the email address as it's a long story, but have enough of a need to spend a number of hours on this.
    I did attempt to retrieve the email address from system settings, however I do not want the console to get flagged (connecting online is a requirement to view the email address of a profile), so have discounted this for now.

    Did also consider this tool is working in the account area of the nand and may be the right place to retrieve this type of data:
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