Question: R4 sav to No$GBA for Pokemon SS [E]

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    Oct 24, 2010
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    Edit: I found the solution -sort of- .. Downloaded a version of No$GBA from the web, and the version contained a bios file. Obviously, all the clean versions I tried didn't have that bios file.

    Sorry for the trouble~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Good day everyone.

    I'm having a problem with my R4 .sav file [Wood] in Pokemon SilverSould [E]. I'm not able to load my R4 sav file on No$GBA. Although I have tried many solutions on the web, it just won't work. The game basically works, and after the game intro I can see my load option [my player name and playing time], but when I click it the emulator crashes with a window saying "image crashed".

    -The save file is well-named and placed in the Battery folder. The emulator DOES read the sav file [load option is possible ingame] but when it loads it crashes.
    -The save file is originally from my R4 [Wood] playing.
    -I have tried the shunyweb online converter and converted from R4 to No$GBA. Didn't work.
    -I already made the change within the emulator setting file: SAV/SNA File Format == to Uncompressed.
    -My Cartridge Media backup is set to "Auto" and my emulator version is 2.6a. I also gave all the other types a try but none worked.

    Here's my R4[Wood] save file:
    Here's my No$GBA setup file:

    Here's the detailed scenario:

    -Open No$GBA ~> Load the pokemon nds file ~> after intro, my load option is AVAILABLE:

    When I click my load option:

    My Emulator settings:

    I've put so much effort in finding the solution with no avail... If you could help me out with this I'll owe you a lot and will try my best to return the favor with anything I can help you with.

    If there is ANY information or question you'd like to ask, I'm ready.

    OS: Windows 7 x64bit.

    Thanks in advance for reading.

    P.S. Before some guy claim that I'm playing illegal or w/e FYI: I have 11 versions of pokemon from GBA to DS and it's VERY unlikely for me to let a version pass by without buying it with $.. so no, I'm not doing anything illegal