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Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by Elveman, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Ok, here's the question.

    The stats judge in S&M works as your PC add-on. But to get it, you must impress the NPC near the Battle Tree with some sort of Pokemon.

    He says:

    >This Pokémon...has relatively superior... *ya-a-awn*
    ...Who are you?
    No one impressive enough to shock me awake. *ya-a-awn*

    While he should say:

    >Someone impressive enough to shock me awake!
    Was there something you wanted my help with? Oh, you want me to judge some Pokémon?
    Then I’ll update your PC Boxes for you. With this, you can get your Pokémon judged anytime that you’ve got access to a PC!
    The Judge function has been added to your PC Boxes!
    Think I’ll just slip out of here then...

    Tried to impress him with 6x31 fully trained lv100 Ditto caught in Beast Ball (before and after going between S/M universes through the portal) but no luck.
    What sort of Pokemon does he want?
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