1. j2daf1986

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    Feb 14, 2020
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    So pardon me if I noob out on some of the terminologies here, so here's the situation:

    I recently got my Switch flashed by a friend who I think used Atmosphere and Hekate (just starting to understand how this works...). I was set up with Tinfoil so I can download games straight onto my MicroSD cards. I was also given a RCM Bootloader dongle that allows me to boot straight into Atmosphere (blue light), Hekate (Orange Light), and SX OS (Red Light).

    I also just decided to bite the bullet and buy the SX OS license, so I can create an EmuNAND on hidden partition as well as use the Cheat Editor functions for some games (I know all these can be done free on atmosphere or hekate, but I just feel SX OS has a much better streamlined process for all this).

    I plan to let the system wipe out my SD card since I already saved all the files from the SD card on my computer, and am just going to move all the files from PC over to the SD card again after EmuNand finishes. So here is the question:

    (1) If I do that would I see all my games (already have 140g worth of games) accessible when I launch the CFW from SX OS EmuNand or would they stay with the Original NAND?

    (the reason I am asking is because last time I created an EmuNand with Hekate and did the same file moving from PC, all the games stayed on SYSNAND, and when I go into CFW, all logos of the games were there but said needed to be redownloaded)

    (2) I also remember when I did that last time my Tinfoil stopped working correctly (said couldnt read the NAND and need to install some custom KIP...) would I encounter similar issues here?

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Draxzelex

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    Aug 6, 2017
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    1. You would have to make emuMMC read the Nintendo folder used for sysMMC once emuMMC is created
    2. Tinfoil has no such issues
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