[Question] Confussed with TWL Slot-1 Launcher / TWL_Firmware / Aureinand / Old R4s

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    Sup guys, so here's the deal;

    I got a couple of R4, the dol White R4ISDHC with thew 'New" logo on it, and a R4I Wifi with no logos [Pre 1.4.5], so.. i have read multiple threads and come across that i need several items but im getting a little bit confussed right here:

    I got an O3DS running 9.2 sysnand with 10.7 Emunand using current version of AuReiNand.
    i want to run the R4's on the Emunand if possible, so, what do i need? do i need to patch TWL on Sysnand? or n Emunand? i tought i did not need that since AuReiNand lastest version was patching these already.

    also, i tried to install all Apache Thunder launchers, with FBI and wasnt possible, reading some threads i found that they were supposed to be installed on Nand, however, installing them trough BigBlueMenu installed them correctly. [Is this normal?]

    So... what do i need in order to make this old friends work?

    oohh, yeah, i also got the Whitelist.cia in order to unblock OLD cards, does this goes on Synand, emunand or both?

    i use Emunand for everything.
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    Ok so you need to make sure that you follow this step on the AuReiNand thread "To enable AGB_FIRM and TWL_FIRM patching, just also copy the firmware_agb.bin and firmware_twl.bin files for your console from the FIRMs.7z." you shouldn't need the whitelist.cia however you may need the loaders from this thread (be sure to install it on both the sysnand and emunand). I use the wood R4 loader cia. I used the wood r4 software from here (you should backup your old stuff however) which is installed on the actual R4 devices microSD Card..
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