Question concerning the outside case of the DSi

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Picked up my DSi from Best Buy today - now just waiting for the AceKard 2i to be delivered tomorrow. I played around with the DSi and love the new screens. When they announced the increase in size, it didn't sound like much, but the image feels a lot bigger now. But the outer case of the DSi concerns me. I really liked the casing on the DSlite. It was comfortable in the hand and seemed to resist scratches pretty well. The DSi casing seems like it will be prone to scratches/ damage. Can anyone who has had a Japanese DSi for a while comment on the sturdiness of the case. Is it prone to scratching/ damages/ etc. ?
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    Well if you're one of those people, you could say Nintendo purposely made it like that so you'd buy replacements every year or so.

    Or you could be a sane person and just say Nintendo just did that because it's cheaper.
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    I read an article this morning that said the surface of the DSi felt "sticky". Is it a sort of rubberized texture (I didn't get to the store today to see it for myself)?

    I'm just hoping that MadCatz makes a crystal case for it like they had for the Lite. Makes for some nice swappable customization.
  4. Chris_Skylock

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    Dec 26, 2008
    crystal cases are a no no to us because they tend to break for the first month specially on the hinges. I prefer the silicon cases.

    Im sure Nintendo had already tested the DSi for extreme usage, dont they?

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    I've only just got my US DSi, but I've owned a few things with this same texture. There's only a few things I'm concerned about.

    First, wearing it smooth. If you had a DSL for a long time, the area around the buttons would start to get smooth and shiny due to being rubbed so much. I wonder if the outside of the DSi housing (like where your hands hold the bottom, or fingers resting on and around the shoulder buttons will do the same.

    Second, rubbed-scratches. With a glossy surface, scratches are pretty easy to get from sharp objects, and are sometimes light enough to where they aren't as obvious to see. But with this matte texture, things like fingernails, things in pockets rubbing against it, etc. could rub the matte finish down, and look like a weird glossy streak.

    Lastly, something that can be cleaned, but not that easily. Dirty or dusty hands. Look at the inside surfaces of old Macbooks, or almost any laptop. That dark patch where your hands constantly rest. Or with the black DSi, light dust or powder could get rubbed in, but that's not really that bad.

    But hey, I could be wrong. I hope I am.