[Question] Change language for DS games on jap N3DS ?

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    Sep 30, 2014
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    Hello all,

    There are still a lot of old EU DS games I like to play on my 3DS, but I wonder how I could change the language to FR on a Jap N3DS.
    On a French old 3DS, the DS games are simply taking the language of the 3DS itself, but since the Japanese N3DS doesn't include french language, every game is playable only in the default language, English. It is ok for games without a lot of texts, but for RPGs it's a bit hard.
    Is there a way to force those games to be launched in French, like with HANS or the Gateway game menu for 3DS games ?
    I have original games + a good old DSTwo.
    My jap N3DS is with menuhax + GW Emunand 10.3.