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    Mar 21, 2018
    Hi there, I've been collecting All Motorstorm Games that were released for PS3, I'm not sure If you remember these arcade racing game series but I have to say the Motorstorm games are really cool to play, I liked the variety of the Vehicles on the three releases and on the Motorstorm Apocalypse version there are 13 different vehicle categories with some unlockeable vehicles, but the bad thing is that they can only be unlocked through the online service and I thought the servers from this game were shut down but seems like they returned some time ago.

    The vehicles are supposed to be unlocked doing Part and Weekly challenges from the Online service and I can't see too much people playing this game in 2018, and there's a really rare supercar that is given to the best racers, also known as the special supercar "Italia Tauromachia", actually really hard to get, here's a pic from this vehicle:


    So, today I'd like to know If could be possible to unlock All vehicles with some modding ways like with the Hex Editor, I remember that I used the Hex Editor to unlock All DLC and secrets cars for Split/Second Velocity from Xbox 360, I was able to get the 55 vehicles and even the Pre-order ones because the cars are like keys to access to the extra contents that are already on the game's database, so I think this could be possible to do with Motorstorm Apocalypse too

    Edit: The Project was completed a long time ago, so now this can be closed, thank you!
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    Mar 26, 2020
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    The DLC vehicles are fairly easy to get if you look for the dlc pkg's online

    But I have not found any solution for getting the vehicle unlocks

    So for the first time for me, I tried some save game hex editing using the save file from thetechgame.com, but so far I've only been able to make the part challenge progress go down instead of up

    edit: apparently having a facebook account is required for game content preservation; a facebook group has the savefile though I can't access facebook https://motorstorm.fandom.com/f/p/3464906657497627379
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