[Question]Can a right Joy-con™ used as a NFC Reader/Writer

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    Jan 27, 2019
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    I was changing the colors of my Joy-cons™ on a software level as I'm doing a shell replacement soon(Just waiting for the shell to arrive). I was using the Joy-Con tool kit and was messing around with the playground tools and was quite fascinated with the nfc reader. It made me wonder if it was possible to read and write with the right joy-con™. I was doing some research on if it was possible. I couldn't find anything for a windows program. I also looked if it was possible through homebrew but I kept seeing a amiibo™ writer for the n3ds™. So I'm wondering if anyone has made a program(or is currently working on a program) to read and write nfc data with the right joy-con™. Maybe I missed it in my search so if anyone knows of a program that can read/write nfc data through a joy-con™ it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. hippy dave

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    It hasn't been done. Probably could be done, once all the relevant stuff is figured out. It took a long time to come on 3ds, so be patient.
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    Oh shit. I know this isn't what you asked but...
    The title of your post just made me realize. both the NFC Reader/Writer and the right Joy-Con have:
    • an NFC chip
    • an IR blaster
    So, it would theoretically be possible to write a Joy-Con firmware which transforms the Joy-Con into an NFC Reader/Writer, no?
    It's something to consider
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    You don't need a firmware. It can already read and write, or you couldn't save ownership information to your amiibos or get those cool items from amiibo in BotW. All that is needed is knowledge of, and access to, the syscalls for reading and writing. if calls to the joycon's NFC module are already known, it should be an arbitrary task to port thenaya over to the Switch.