Question about the World of Shadow of the Colossus

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    Yesterday I bought this game for the ps4 and It is reaaally awesome! I did end it for some minutes ago. After I was searching on the internet to understand the full story, I saw that there is a game called ICO that has a connection of Sotc. I ordered yesterday The last guardian because my gf said I should try it out and earlier I read that the last guardian has a connection about these games too. Can someone explain the chronologically row about the games? I want really understand the story if they are connected to each other
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    They aren't really connected to each other; SotC simply has a couple of easter eggs which are ICO references — maybe TLG does too? I haven't played it enough to say for sure.
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    I forgot
    They're not directly connected in any way, at least not as "sequel prequel" etc etc. They're "spiritual successors/prequels", where there are the occasional nods and connections, but they don't really mean much

    For example, it's said in ICO the queen is a manifestation of Mono (the girl you're trying to save), and the reason Ico has horns is because of how SOTC ended.
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