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    Jun 8, 2007
    Hello this is my first question here,

    There seems to be some "agreed convention" for numbering roms (on NDS for example), and out of curiosity I was wondering where it came from or who manages it?

    Also, although I do perfectly understand there are no roms on this site, take this is a question about of the "scene" works.. but I am wondering if the Japanese titles typically take a longer time to be "dumped" ?

    Are there titles which never appear in the rom lists? I'm thinking of probably less interesting titles to most people, like Japanese "learning" software such as Rakubiku Jiten dcitionary, the Kanji review game, etc.

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    Numbers are assigned by sites with some reference to order they are released in, therefore sites can and do have different numbers for roms.

    As for what makes it in I believe around here it is only commercial releases (save the iQue releases) with demos and stuff released to a select few (game and watch, tingle balloon fight) not making it in, instead being marked XXXX.

    Stuff like the action replay/passme rom images vary as well.

    Simply put numbers are only a site (or maybe a group thereof) based.