Question about starting over in Dragon Quest XI...

Discussion in 'NDS - Console and Game Discussions' started by SamusKnight2K, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. SamusKnight2K

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    A few days ago I finally beat the game after logging in over 140 hours (Doing random quests, grinding, etc.) but there's been something bugging me since about halfway thru the game... Normally I create my main character in the game as a male but for a change of pace I decided to go with a female character. It somewhat bothers me now and I'm almost on the verge of restarting just for that reason. However at the same time I'm partial to keep all the progress I've made, it just bugs me a little... Anyway, here's the question:

    If I were to restart now would the "special guests" that visit the Quester's Rest from Nintendo WFC be gone for good? Every so often when I connect for the DQVC update it says a new guest has arrived at the inn. I'm wondering if I start over whether or not those special guests will be available again or if they're a 1-time deal. Thanks.
  2. DemonicChocobo

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    Everything(Meaning Guests and Downloadable Quests) stay up forever after the moment they become available. Well, not forever forever, of course, but they will be up long enough that you will never have to really worry about that.
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