Question about Spotifiy premium offline.

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    Apr 21, 2010
    Spotify has a feature available to premium users which allows them to listen to the music offline through spotify, the way I see it, this would require the file to be downloaded to your device. Is there a way to get these songs as straight up mp3's? I doubt they would be in a format such as mp3 straight away but surely someone would be able to code a piece of software, be it a gui or not, to convert the 'file' that spotify reads into something such as an mp3?
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    Jan 2, 2011
    I know the files are downloaded (I tested a month of premium not too long ago), but I never bothered to check out what the files were downloaded as. Presumably, they're some kind of encrypted file that only Spotify is able to read in order to prevent piracy. Why anybody would waste their time coding a piece of software to decode these files is beyond me, though. It's easier just to go to Google and hunt a little. Unless the music is incredibly obscure, generally a zip file on some generic download site or another will be pretty easy to locate.

    I don't foresee anybody making a program just so that somebody else can pirate in a slightly more sneaky manner.
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    I used to do stuff like this through something called iMesh. Although it was just running the music through a program that would record whatever the sound card played back. This is much easier than writing a program to do what you want.