1. celebi2k

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    Nov 7, 2002
    Ok just recently i was banned from #gbatemp in mirc for flodding. Ok i understand the reason whay i was banned but i had a exuse for it. Water was spilled onto my keyboard last night. I tried to clean it up and let it air out but it was still stuck today. My enter button window button and the |\ button was all stuck and when i pressed it it would stay stuck. I tried to pop it out by using a knife and thats how i was flodding. I told them that and of course they didn't believe me. I just joined and started using mirc like 3 days ago because my friend sent me here to get yugioh dice. So is there any way to get unbanned from the channel. I know yall might not belive that exuse but i am telling the truth. But if i can't get unbanned i'm not going to beg for it.
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